Logistics & Expediting

Logistics & Expediting

Logistics & Expediting

Operating on the North Slope since 1976, Fairweather offers unmatched logistics and expediting experience, ensuring that personnel, supplies and equipment arrive safely and on time, no matter how remote the location.

Fairweather brings over 40 years of experience ensuring that personnel, supplies and equipment arrive safely and on time, no matter how remote the location. The opening of the Deadhorse Aviation Center (DAC) in 2012 has allowed Fairweather to expand its expediting and logistical support services utilizing the DAC as a home base base for projects throughout the North Slope and offshore. With the support of this multi-modal facility, Fairweather is able to house vehicles, portable buildings, tools and skilled personnel — all readily available in short-notice situations.

Expediting Services

Expediting services include creating schedules and manifests for charter aircraft, managing passenger and freight movement, and providing vehicle and equipment leasing and other specific logistics support services as needed.

Vehicle Leasing

Fairweather offers a variety of vehicles for rent in Deadhorse to support operations on the Slope. These vehicles are stored and maintained at the Deadhorse Aviation Center. The current four-wheel-drive fleet consists of Ford F-350s, 4WD vans, Expeditions and F-550s, along with an ambulance assigned to the medical group. Fairweather also offers expediting services in Anchorage with two four-wheel-drive Ford F-350s with flatbeds.

Fairweather operates a fleet of custom flatbed trucks with folding sides to accommodate the loading of pallets for safe and efficient distribution across the Slope. These customized trucks feature hitches and running boards coated with non-slip material for improved safety, along with specialized lighting for increased visibility.

Building Rentals

Fairweather offers sets of 20′ x 8.5′ portable buildings and warm storage units available for seasonal rental on the North Slope. These units are ideal for use as remote offices, smoke shacks, geological offices, warm break rooms and equipment storage. Many of the units were overhauled in 2014. All buildings are in excellent condition.